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Greetings and thank you for visiting the official website of the Stoner Lakes! I have been a resident of East Stoner Lake since 1978 when my parents purchased the former Clough camp.  I spent every summer of my life on East Stoner Lake before moving to Toronto, Canada in 1998 after graduating college. I worked at Avery's Inn as a dishwasher and Assistant Cook from 1990-1997 which was ideal as I was able to spend my summers at the lake while maintaining a good job that enabled me to save money for school. Despite my living several hours away from the lake when living in Canada, I found myself returning every chance I had.  Every summer I utilized most of my vacation time and spent that time with my family at the lake.  In April 2003 I transferred to Manhattan, in January 2010 I transferred to Buffalo, and in August 2013 I finally moved back to the Albany area.  Now a father of 2, it is fantastic being so close the "the camp", and my kids love everything about the lake.

I have found myself hiking, exploring, and fishing the area more now than ever.  In October of 2008 I finally completed the entire Lake Placid-Northville Trail and I and several friends continue to engage in annual camping/backpacking trips to the area, with varying degrees of difficulty depending on the time of year.  I also have started hiking into the many remote and somewhat local trout ponds with my GPS and have learned that Trout fishing is a lot different than Bass fishing and have found the transition to be very challenging.

This website started as a small project and has grown significantly since it began.  Please let me know at any time if you have any ideas for things that could be added to the website.  I wish everyone well who happens to come across this website and I hope to see you at lake!

                      Iain Walker - April 2016

Top Row: Jeff Giorgio, Jennifer Giorgio, Sarah Walker, Chris ???  Bottom Row:  Matt Vivyan, David Walker, Iain Walker.

                                    Circa 1983