The Stoner Lakes

The Adirondacks 



After doing a little research, I found an article from the FAA showing a seaplane crash on East Stoner Lake in 1971.  There was little information about it, only when and where and the reason for the crash.  Jim Vivyan remembers the incident but I have yet to ask him specifics about the accident.   I was able to query the tail number (N7853A) for the plane and it appears that it lived to fly another day.  It is still registered with the FAA and owned by Donald Deruiter from Lake City Michigan.  It looks like he is the second owner. I wonder if he knows of the crash landing of his plane in East Stoner Lake? I intend to write Mr. Deruiter a letter to inquire about his knowledge of the crash. If I get a response, I will post it to this page.